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Sheltered Family Services, located in Birmingham, offers a strength-based parenting assessment supported residential accommodation, in which children can live with their families while parenting skills are developed and assessed.


Our aim is to offer the highest quality parenting assessments, which are robust, and evidence based, with the child firmly at the heart of every assessment as the safety and welfare of the child is paramount. Whilst our assessments will consider the support needs of the parents, the focus will be upon the child, with a view to facilitate care planning for the child’s longer-term future.


In addition to assessments and to achieve our aim above, our staff team put every effort into providing parents with maximum support to ensure that, if possible, they are able to reach a good standard of parenting. We aim to provide objective and comprehensive assessments of families to assist placing authorities and the courts in making decisions about the welfare of young people. Our staff work in partnership with parents and professionals to provide the best possible service to ensure the safety and well-being of families and children.


Our ambition is that whatever the outcome of the parenting assessment, the experience of the family will be one of transparent working, respectful practice and collaboration. We work with families from across the country and offer assessments to suit the needs of each individual family.  Find out more about our assessments.


Who we are and how we do things at Sheltered Family Services requires professionals to ‘work in partnership’ with families to assess their individual parenting needs, whilst ensuring that the child’s welfare is paramount. It reflects our strong belief that all residents have the right to be cared for in a stable secure and safe environment.


Our work therefore focuses on the strengths and seeking opportunities for building on the parent/s attributes to promote emotional growth and resilience.

We expect our staff to positively embrace each individual family’s heritage. Our value base is that all people, children and adults alike, are individuals who are to be respected and treated as equals, whatever their circumstances or difficulties.

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Assessment Centre

Blake Mews is a warm, friendly, and welcoming terraced property situated on a relatively quiet residential road in the multi-cultural Bordesley Green, Birmingham.


Accommodation is suitable for single-parent families or larger family units and can accommodate up to six families at any one time. Blake Mews is decorated to a high standard, and we have a rolling programme of redecoration, refurbishment and industrial cleansing to ensure that family rooms, communal areas and staff facilities are maintained to a high level.


There are shared communal lounges for day-to-day interaction so that parents do not feel isolated. We also have an office, laundry room, and a playroom room on the ground floor. The house has an enclosed and safe rear garden with play equipment. We favour a communal model whereby the families spend most of their time in communal areas of the house so that we can work closely with the families.


There is a large park, local shops, restaurants, chemist, post office, GP surgery, dental surgery, library, bus stops, parent and child groups, a train station and other amenities within a five-to-ten-minute walk of the house.


We are situated within close proximity to Birmingham City Centre where large shopping complexes, supermarkets and soft play centres within a ten-minute drive of the home.

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Outstanding Family Assessment Centre based in Bordesley Green, Birmingham